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                                          • Quality control heat shrinkable tape and heat shrinkable sleeve
                                          • 2016/7/8 Read the number:[3194]
                                          • Quality control heat-shrinkable sleeve and shrinking band of mainly reflected in the following aspects:
                                            1, the first is to the quality of raw materials, strict requirements, in accordance with national standards for raw materials inspection.
                                            2, shrinking band and basic standard heat shrink products. We follow the product standards, strict inspection and heat-shrinkable sleeve shrinking band width, thickness, stretching ratio, cathode stripping, surface wrinkles, no bubbles, no scratches and the like. Which we in the production process and after production has inspectors detect it, we have our own laboratory and R & D personnel to carry out stringent testing.
                                            3, the standard manufacturing process. During production and post-production, there must be a rigorous testing process to see whether the products meet the technical requirements, if it does not want to immediately improve.
                                            4, the production equipment must meet the relevant process requirements. Pre-production and contraction with heat shrinkable sleeve, related equipment to check whether it is normal, temperature, speed, must be set in accordance with strict standards. And our employees to produce equipment for data recording.
                                            5, the control of the production process. In the production process, to check the implementation of the shrinking band and heat-shrinkable product standards, if the production process does not meet the thickness was found, or scratches the surface of air bubbles and other issues should be promptly stopped and reported to the leadership, and make a record.
                                            6, finished product testing process. Each batch production is completed with heat-shrinkable and heat-shrinkable sleeve sample required by the quality control personnel, in accordance with national standards for testing. If there are problems, we must redouble extraction testing, can not let the bad products factory.

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