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                                          • Common stainless steel wire quality problems have?
                                          • 2016/7/8 Read the number:[3313]
                                          • In practical application process stainless steel wire, it may be because of work load or did not receive timely care and maintenance, it is likely damaged. So, in the end what kind of damage it is a modification of the wire? The following summarizes several common types of damage.
                                            1. Wear: is a common phenomenon, the choice of high-quality stainless steel wire wear is guaranteed only minor damage factors lubricated to help reduce wear and tear.
                                            2. The broken wire: Stainless steel wire is broken wire end of the life of a common phenomenon, caused by the bending fatigue and wear. Local broken wires may indicate a mechanical defect equipment, proper lubrication will improve the fatigue performance of stainless steel wire.
                                            3. Deformation: often the result of mechanical damage, if severe, can significantly affect the length of the wire. Rusty explained the lack of adequate lubrication leads to corrosion. In some cases, the outer surface of the wire will be significant dot rust marks, eventually there will be broken.

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